Seena Elbaum started her yoga in 1986 with Spirit Wind Internal Arts and has been teaching since 1990. Her commitment to learning, to keep her practice fresh, is unwavering. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge about mindfulness, yoga and guided breath-meditation continues to touch the lives of countless women at all stages of life.  AT HOME STUDIO is a warm, inviting boutique studio where Seena maintains a personal practice and thoughtfully teaches traditional Yin, Dynamic & Gentle Hatha Yoga, and a Slow Flow practice. Her style is filled with presence and compassion, calm strength, kind encouragement and joy. The studio offers small group classes, individual lessons and meets you where you are, whether you’re retiring from your professional life, training as an athlete, in high school, in your 80’s, preparing to birth, healing from an injury, or managing anxiety. Seena’s intuition is keen and she is quietly attentive and sensitive to your specific needs. A prenatal and postpartum private practice is also available. Group classes are all women, and private sessions are for anyone and everyone.

Weekly Yoga Schedule


6:00 PM - Gentle


6:00 PM - Slow Flow & Yin


8:30 AM - Yin


8:30 AM - Dynamic Gentle


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 Private lessons available by appointment:

  • the prenatal and postpartum mama   

  • aging and maintaining mobility

  • chronic pain relief

  • managing anxiety


Class schedules occasionally subject to change.

Class Descriptions


If you prefer a more gentle practice, you're a beginner or have some concerns about injury, this class is for you. You will be guided through a complete practice, with modifications, alternatives, and adjustments, but at a slower pace with mostly, basic hatha yoga poses. This experience will also teach you presence through focus on your breath-body connection. By keeping things simple, this class offers more time and space to consciously stay aware of your breath and sensation. This is a perfect practice to discover what mind-body connection and presence is all about. 

Slow Flow & Yin 

​Regardless of your yoga experience level, this class will guide you through a complete practice that will flow & settle in to yin. Slow Flow & Yin work great together. The instruction offers modifications, alternatives, and adjustments that make every pose accessible to every person. Come prepared to practice mindfulness, breathe and move, learn about what it means to be present and find ease in a challenge, and discover freedom and joy on your mat . The practice will close with a relaxation in ‘savasana’ and you will leave class feeling refreshed, at ease, and ready for anything.


​Yin focuses on the deeper connective tissues in the body: tendons, ligaments, and fascia. In this class, you will be guided through a sequence of floor poses, and sometimes, a few standing postures. They are designed to stretch and oxygenate specific connective tissues, thereby promoting healing, improving range of motion, and increasing flexibility. This practice supports good joint health.  Using mindful breathing, bolsters and other props for comfort and support, each pose is held for several minutes, allowing you the time and space to find stillness, adjust if needed, and release. The benefits are far reaching, and experienced immediately.


Dynamic Gentle

This class is much like the Gentle class but with a little bit more movement, more focus on breath work, and guided relaxation. If you are a beginner or simply prefer more gentle movement, then this class is for you. It will guide you through a complete flowing practice but at a slower pace and using mostly fundamental basic poses and pieces of the traditional Sun Salutation. 



Much like other types of childbirth-preparation classes, prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental centering and focused breathing. When a pregnant woman learns how to focus her attention, quiet her mind and relax the jaw (to encourage the pelvis to release), she’ll harness the power of the breath, and be able to ride the wave of every contraction with greater ease. "My preparation helped me surrender to the energy and move with it instead of fighting and struggling against it." Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.​