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What is Self-Care Anyway

"True self-care is not bath salts and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life from which you don't need to regularly escape" (from https://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2017/11/this-is-what-self-care-really-means-because-its-not-all-salt-baths-and-chocolate-cake/?fbclid=IwAR2vpMcuRFmP5eYepUPgKa6IL3qLIO72lssVjS8W2LIHa8EEzoYlM0EVkzs

.AND MY THOUGHTS ON SELF CARE FLOWED after reading the above quote posted by a friend ....... LIFE has painful moments, painful times. In more ways than one, it's hard when we enter, and again when we leave. It's painful when a mother brings life in to the world. It doesn't stop. What's this about? The way I see it now.....it's part of the way the universe is designed. I'm thinking right now, that since the universe was designed for our good, then these painful moments & times are also for our good. WELL WHAT'S SO GOOD ABOUT PAINFUL MOMENTS & TIMES. It's perfectly easy to understand why people WOULD WANT TO ESCAPE and eat chocolate cake, or take sips from the bottle of cranberry infused vodka, smoke pot at the end of every working day. or drive like your speeding is going to resolve your rage. At 59, I've lived many painful moments and times to have learned that WITHIN those painful moments and times are THE BEST and MOST FERTILE grounds for GROWTH. It's painful to lose a friend to suicide in your teenage years and figure anything out, or to lose a sister when you're a child and watch your family torn apart to an unrecognizable place. It's painful to watch a parent sick & suffering and feel somewhat helpless, to launch a business as a solopreneur, or to watch your adult child suffer from mental health trials. A very dear friend and teacher once said, "GROWTH HAPPENS IN THE DARKNESS. That's what Im talking about. In those moments & times are the very opportunities to develop our self & self care. IT'S VERY HARD WORK. It's very hard to find healthy ways to soothe our pain.......the lavender bath salts, the walk on the trail, the work out, baking cookies with our kids, journaling about your accomplishment, your gratitudes, even your limitations, the manicure, the coffee or brunch date with a friend, the acts of kindness, even the visit to the therapist....... #SELFCAREISNOTSELFISH #SELFCAREISBECAUSEYOUAREIMPORTANT #YOUREWORTHIT #YESYOUARE

WHAT ARE YOUR METHODS OF SELF CARE ??  PLEASE VISIT me at seenaelbaum.com/counseling

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