• Seena Elbaum

The Feedback Dilemma

What would you do if you went to a new trial class at your favorite intelligent fitness studio and you felt like the instructor was not paying any attention to anything except her own movement and voice? On one hand, you’re telling yourself, “I love this studio, I love the owner, I had a decent workout, and I know, I would not take a class with that instructor again”. On the other hand, you’re telling yourself, “she is very seasoned, she knows her stuff, she’s got these routines down, in her sleep, and, I can tell, as clear as night and day, she is not watching anybody’s form, not one bit”.  In the fitness world, safety is paramount. When you know that there is an objective safety issue and you feel like you have to say something, DO YOU?  This happened to me. I did not want to create an issue or a problem, and at the same time, I believed that the studio owner would want to know. I have a mutually respectful, lovely relationship with the owner, and I had to be honest. In addition to the safety factor, it could be her reputation. Long story short, she was so appreciative that I had the courage and confidence to voice the truth. I felt so relieved that I took the right step and gave the full feedback story. Bottom line, be honest, be careful with your words, be sensitive to where the other person is standing, and you can’t go wrong. +

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