• Seena Elbaum

Reminiscing We All Remembered

All too well, 9/11 is embedded in our minds and bones. It’s a rare occurrence that two adults, one almost 60 and one almost 70, can relate perfectly about any topic, on a completely even playing field. The dinner table conversation somehow arrived at presidents who were assassinated, and my husband and I shared our memories of when President Kennedy was shot. We all recalled details surrounding other assassinations and attempted ones. Finally, we reached 9/11. My husband and I, my son and his girlfriend all recalled the events surrounding finding out about what had happened that morning with crystal clear memory, like we could feel it and see it now. There was almost a reliving of the shock and fear from then, in our telling over our memories now.  I could feel the trauma. My heart was beating faster. I was warm. I could see the plane colliding in to the tower, the tower in flames, the building crumbling, bodies flying. We were reliving it in some way and it seemed much closer to now than 18 years ago. What was particularly striking was the extent of detail that we were each able to remember. The brain is full of magic, mystery and measurable meaning.


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