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POSTpartum Babe & Broth

EARLIER TODAY, I headed in to Philly to visit a couple whose little girl is 2 weeks old. Big sister (23 mos) was at day care, Dad was in his business man cave working, doggies eager to be in on the action, and Mom, baby girl & I sat for quite some time and bonded, abundantly. We sat together in the kitchen, babe perched on the kitchen table in a comfy little newborn bed. We explored the many matters and issues that parents see during this transitional time, I had a few darling conversations with petite, vital, very awake & aware 2 wk old Dylan, made the family a HUGE pot of soup and shared tea and muffins. We shared the special love and connection that has grown out of our work together over the past several months. #SOUP: #Heal #Your #PostPartum #Ails Chunks of Tomatoes, Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Reg Potato, Celery, Onions, more onions, Scallion, Orange & Yellow carrots, Several cloves of garlic, a good handful of diced ginger & 2 large handfuls of parsley. #CAN #YA #SMELL #IT #HELP #Mama #FEEL #Good #Support #HEALING with #SOUND #Nourishment

#LOVE #my #Work

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