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No Man Could Have Planned This

TODAY is the Hebrew anniversary of my mother's first year gone. It's called the 'yahrtzeit'. The date today, the 25th. About 10 days ago, in my daily planner, I entered 'give tzedakka' on the space for today. This means, give a charitable donation. A yahrtzeit is an auspicious day to give charity. Of all the clothes I have hanging in my closets, I chose a little vest to throw over my long sleeve cotton sweater. I reached my hands in the pocket and I found some cash. What was it? A 20 and 5 singles. $25, on the 25th, my Mom's first yahrtzeit, and in my calendar, I had entered days ago, give tzedakka today. YUP, it went in to the tzedakka boxes placed around the house. It was a gift that felt like it was meant to be given away. Now tell me, what's your explanation? I see it as a clear sign that my Mom had a spiritual hand in this, and that there is a force that guides and orchestrates our lives. If you're really paying attention, you will see things too. On quick glance, they might look like 'coincidences'; pay closer attention and you will likely find deeper meaning. #yourewithmemommy #everyday #everywhere

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