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I'm a Pod Person

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

If you love what you do, are confident talking, eager to share who you are and where you’ve been, then interviewing on a PODCAST might just be for you! It certainly was for me. A few weeks ago, I received a ‘friend request’ from a friendly guy who has a daily podcast and a good looking fb business page, General Fitness Company. Check it out. Jerry Washington saw something I posted on a local community fb page and he was moved to ask me if I would be interested in being a guest on his podcast. A first for me. Sounded like fun; something different, and a great conversation piece. Days later, we met at the popular neighborhood Starbucks and 90 minutes later, I’d made a new friend. No quiet time in this conversation, great back and forth, mutual curiosity and excellent listening. We scheduled and rescheduled the podcast talk and TODAY, it happened. For several days leading up, I was excited for the new experience. In the start of a little blizzard, I headed out, and a few blocks away, walked in, pulled up a roller chair at Jerry’s desk in the storefront window of his smart, well equipped, very inviting gym, and we were engaged immediately. I didn’t even realize the conversation was being recorded from the moment I walked in. Jerry’s a fabulous communicator. He’s got great skill in guiding a conversation, timing his questions, keeping it real, and making it flow in a completely natural way. And I hear from several peeps I know that he's an uber mega fabulous personal trainer.  I'm in!. I’ve always loved a good conversation, and this was one of the best. Amazing how much turf we covered in a short time. I told the very funny story of how my husband and I met, and did we laugh! I spoke about why I love my work and how I show up; how counseling, teaching yoga and being a doula are very intertwined. We touched on the pillars of Judaism and the various practices, and historically, where Jewish people and the different sects originated. We agreed that unity is a universal goal that can only bring healing to our planet, and our optimism was shared, bright and energizing. And how cool is this, I invented a word! ‘POD-PEOPLE’ We laughed so hard because it reminded us of the classic original ‘Alien’ movie. Before ending the cast, I said to Jerry how much fun I had, thanking him for talking with me and expressed my interest in meeting other ‘pod – people’ !  So, I’ll end by asking, how would I go about meeting other pod-people? 

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