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From Shiva to New Friend

While I was recently at a shiva call for a dear friend’s husband, I met one of her long-time friends. During a fairly short conversation, I learned a whole lot about her and felt comforted knowing that my mourning friend was supported by her amazing family and delightful friends. The very next day, my sister and I were walking in the supermarket and I happen to notice a woman walking a few steps in front of us. Because I have been involved consistently in yoga practice for over thirty years, I sensed immediately that tension was very present in this person’s shoulders. I said to my sister, “I wish I could just go over to that woman and gently place my hands on her shoulders and whisper, inhale a big breath and exhale to soften your shoulders. Release the tension”. We shared a sweet laugh. When we caught up to the woman, who seemed a little unsure which way to proceed in the very crowded market, I recognized her and said, “Hi, didn’t we meet at the shiva yesterday”? Of all people, it was my friend’s friend with whom I had a conversation. Feeling comfortable, I proceeded to tell her what had just happened moments before I recognized her and she asked, “Did my shoulders look very tense”, to which I replied in a friendly and gentle manner, “Yep, all the way up to nearly kissing your ears”. She chuckled. It was a lovely moment and a continued connection in a new relationship. She laughed and shared, “I used to practice yoga every Friday but the instructor moved on”. The window opened and I climbed through. “I operate from a quaint yoga studio in my home; have been teaching yoga for 30”. Eyes wide open, she looked very interested and asked for more information. Since I was shopping for the holiday that was starting just a few hours later, and had more than enough work to do for two people, I said, “how ‘bout you take my number and we get in touch next week”. We hugged and went in our own directions. These kinds of connections are very special. They have a divine sort of energy in them. We had not planned to meet. We had just met the day before, and here we were in the same space at the same time again, in close enough proximity where we were linked by my awareness and observation of her physical tension. We knew nothing about a shared connection to yoga. People’s paths intersect for reasons that are obvious to the human mind, and for other reasons that are beyond our capacity to understand. Before we went our separate ways, the hug we shared was warm, and had an energy of trust and mutuality. Felt like the beginning of a new lovely relationship. I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. I BET YOU’VE HAD A SITUATION IN YOUR LIFE WHERE IT FELT LIKE A CERTAIN CONNECTION WAS SO MEANT TO HAPPEN EVEN THOUGH YOU DIDN’T PLAN IT TO HAPPEN THAT WAY. PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORY #divinesparksflyingeverywhere #catchthem

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