• seena elbaum

Bonding with a Babe

March 28th 2019

The other day I was at my girlfriend’s home for a visit. We planned to work together on my laptop so I could learn about how to manage my website, and then when it was time for her to leave to pick up her toddler from daycare, I would babysit her 8 week old son. To hold an 8 week old is almost beyond the measure of words. I took him and held him against my chest, and as relaxed as I was, he immediately turned to mush, curling up in to me, literally like the image you get when you think of a baby in the womb. He either fell asleep or went in to a very deep relaxation. It felt like our breathing was synchronized, I felt a oneness, and mostly, a protective loving self. It wasn’t long before baby boy began to squiggle and squirm and my intuition guided me to place him on a big comfortable couch cushion, resting my hand gently on his belly, and giving him the freedom to move his legs and arms. It was then that he started cooing and imitating some of my faces. Again, though only my hand was in contact with his physical body, the powerful sensation of oneness returned. In my work as a doula, I am around new babies often, and when I can hold that new life, so tiny, so pure, I am overcome with the best I have to give. Though all of those newborns are not mine, I am amazed that the love of a mother is what I hold and feel for every one that lands in my arms.

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