• Seena Elbaum

As the World Turns

Every week, I take a TRX exercise class at a local small, really smart gym. I got there today around 5 minutes before the class was supposed to start and the door was locked. Something felt off because that never happens.  I texted my trainer, the teacher, and my friend, and he didn’t text me back. Something didn’t feel right. He’s one of these people who gets right back to you. I gave it 10 minutes and still, no word. I got in my car, and as I turned on the engine, he texted me back, apologizing and saying he’d be there in 10 minutes. The timing was too perfect. I chose to wait because 40 minutes with this guy is so well worth it. In the midst of the workout, a lovely woman pokes her head in the door, inquiring if either of us drive the white suv parked across the street. I replied that it sounded like my car. She said that she found a check along side the car and took it to the bank because the bank’s name was on the check. She shared that she figured it belonged to somebody near by and decided to see if she could find the person who belonged to the check. An angel. Sure enough it was my check and it was the check that was meant to pay my trainer. He decided to give the session to me for free because of the misunderstanding and the session was very abbreviated. Look at how things unfold. At any juncture if any of the people in this story made a slightly different choice, the dominoes would have fallen in a completely different way. Another experience that reminds me to think about who really runs the world.   

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