• Seena Elbaum

A Layer of Love Lost

It's almost a year since my Mommy left this life, here on this plane we call Earth. I think of her, talk to her and miss her every day, and sometimes in the pit of my stomach I feel sadness and emptiness. At those moments, I know it’s time to pause and breathe with her in mind and heart, peace, gratitude and acceptance as a conscious intention.

TODAY I found out that my "Other Mother", my Mom's dearest closest best friend, from 2nd grade onward, left this incarnation of life. I am filled with sadness and an emptiness knowing I cannot hear her cute New York voice and her “I love you Seena”. She was always positive, always accepting and we always laughed. I could always talk to her about almost anything, and she would listen and not judge. She would offer insight, encouragement and understanding. I think I offered her love, joy and youth. It was a beautiful relationship and it will continue to guide me.

Gives me pause to think, reflect, and ask myself many questions. Gives me pause to make a commitment to live life every day to its fullest and be kind loving sweet pleasant joyful compassionate and sensitive, as many moments as possible.

I actually thought for a good while after I learned about this loss and thought, "HOW would I like to be remembered"?

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