• Seena Elbaum

10 Years To Complete

In the world of labor and birth, it is said that the mother is ‘complete’ when her cervix has dilated 10 cm, and is 100% effaced. In the world of writing, it can take 10 minutes, 10 months, or in my case 10 years to complete a story. ‘A Childhood Lost’ is a story I started writing ten years ago, and completed it yesterday. I would look at it from time to time and I knew immediately that the juices were flowing, or not. Completing the story brought a feeling of exhilaration that was particularly large. I’ve written many stories, all of which have a human-interest thread and an angle about growing spiritually in character, emotion and behavior. This story was exceptionally special.

I write about facing the loss of my older sister when I was 10 years, and she was 13. Incidentally, we shared the same birthdate. The story progresses to show how the loss landed with a devastating crash for my family, and personally, how we were each shattered. I talk about my unforgiving resistance and rebellion, my parent’s seemingly perpetual pain, and my younger sister’s search for comfort and safety. I share how my devastation appeared in my life in a destructive and eventually, a constructive manner. Ultimately, it is a story about how I see the world is design, and the journey to rebuilding myself. In my travels I found a new sense of trust and developed my spiritual and religious self. It’s not yet posted, but will be on www.thejewishwoman.org. My other stories are there too. I’D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK! 

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