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Professional Practice Statement 2021

In April of 2020, I posted a statement about how my professional practice would be changing because of the unprecedented and challenging impact of Covid and the pandemic. Without a doubt, the year has been historic on many levels, for just about everyone, everywhere. In our personal, community and professional lives, we have experienced challenges and struggles, joys and sorrows, family and friendship, work and recreation, and all of life, in very new and different ways. We have examined our values and priorities, and have developed new lenses and perspectives, and for some, have even seen silver linings. Nobody has escaped the pandemic’s impact on some level.


The local, national, and global picture has definitely changed, and will continue to over the next several months, and likely in to 2022, and beyond. There still remains many questions without clear answers, uncertainties and the ongoing unknown. At this point, I am vaccinated,  my husband and adult children are vaccinated, and I am seeing more and more of my friends and community, near and far, realizing the seriousness and widespread importance of this vaccine, and are choosing to get vaccinated. On all accounts, the benefits clearly and overwhelmingly outweigh the risks.


I attended my first birth in person in early 2021, after 11 months of all virtual doula and birth education work, counseling practice, and yoga practice, and it was beyond words amazing. I felt a positive and empowering charge that was completely refreshing, vibrant, grounding, and meaningful. I am thrilled to say, I have several clients on the horizon and feel so grateful that I will be able to GO LIVE!



- Seena

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Therapist - counseling support for women and couples across the lifespan